How to take the best photos of your kids


Try as you might, it’s pretty hard to keep images of your kids off social media these days. When my daughter was born, I really wasn’t too keen on sharing images straight away. But after a while, I was just bursting at the seams to share her with the world. If you’re going to put a pic out there, why not make it a beauty. Use these tips and begin taking some really top quality shots (even if it’s just on your phone).

Go towards the light

Natural light is best, but try to avoid the harsh midday sun – this is where you’ll get dark sockets under the eyes. If you do have to take a snap in the middle of the day, try to make sure your kids are in the shade. If you can, aim for early morning or late afternoon to make the most of the natural light. Try to avoid mixed lighting, eg. half in shadows and half in sun.  Cloudy days are actually surprisingly perfect for snapping your kids at their best.

Image: Living Life's Moments
Image: Living LIfe’s Moments

Keep it simple

The best background is something simple, that won’t detract from your little star. Blank walls are perfect, or pop your baby on a solid coloured blanket. Shooting from above always results in a gorgeous picture, especially if your little one is lying on a vibrant lawn or a stretch of white sand. It’s also worth taking a look at what’s happening in the rest of the background, as you don’t want a rogue plant to look like it’s sprouting from the top of your child’s head!

Work your angles

The best way to get perspective is to crouch down on your child’s level, and see the world through their eyes. If you’re standing too far overhead it will distort their features. Don’t stand too far back either, or they will end up looking like a tiny spot in the middle of the frame.

Image: Juli Williams
Image: Juli Williams

Round ’em up

If you are trying to get a perfect shot (is there such a thing?!) of your little one, it can be even harder as they crawl or roll out of frame. Why not consider popping them in a basket or on a pile of cushions so they can’t squirm away. Keeping older children entertained with their favourite toy or book will also ensure they sit still…for a little while at least!

Keep it natural

Image: Victoria Gloria
Image: Victoria Gloria

Don’t get too caught up in the moment. You want your child’s personality to shine… and we all know that when it comes to kids life isn’t always sunshine and roses! This means capturing the tears as well as the triumphs. Try not to interrupt what they are doing in order to get the “perfect” pic. They might end up resenting the camera! Instead,  simply hang out in the background and try to snap a candid shot of your kids doing what they love.

Ditch the cheese

Whoever decided that saying “Cheese” would result in a big smile must have been mad! It ends up looking…well…cheesy! Especially with kids, because there’s nothing worse than a fake smile on a beautiful littel face. Get out of the habit of saying “Cheese” and go for something like “Monkey” or “Milkshake”, as you’ll get a more realistic looking smile.

Don’t forget the most important subject…

Image: Victoria Gloria
Image: Victoria Gloria

You! Photos are treasures to be cherished forever, so make sure you feature somewhere in there! You don’t want your kids to look back when they’re older and say, “Where were you mum?”. It can be easy to fall into the habit of simply taking selfies with your kids, but it’s all about capturing those special memories. Ask people to snap a photo of you and the kids, or encourage your partner to pull out their camera and get more candid shots with you in the frame.

Feature Image: Living Life’s Moments