Quiz: Which Royal Are You?

A picture of a cat wearing a Royal crown.

Got your crown handy? Place it on carefully … and then find out which member of the Royal Family you are.

This week, many of us across Australia observed the Queen’s birthday. Generally, this means a day off work and school. Or, in other words, a ‘royal’ long weekend—yay! We hope you were able to enjoy it with your loved ones and live as close to the high life as possible.

Monday the 10th of June wasn’t Lizzie’s real birthday. But, the public holiday itself did happen to fall on her hubby’s actual birthday. So, happy 98th, Prince Philip!

A picture of a statue holding a crown.
In order to celebrate the Queen’s fake birthday and Prince Philip’s real one, we have put together this little quiz to help you determine which member of the Royal Family you are most like.

Ever wondered how you’d look wearing a crown or being driven around EVERYWHERE you need to go? Well, now you can find out.

And while you’re discovering your new elite social status, do you have kids who rule your household with absolute tyranny—or who can wrap anyone around their little fingers with nothing more than a smile? Who knows … they could be royalty in the making as well.

Put them to the test too (although maybe do your best to disregard the final two more ‘adults-only’ questions). A royal future could await them for real!

May fortune favour you…

Once you have completed the quiz, then make sure you tell us which member of the Royal Family you are. Leave a comment in the section below, and then make sure to like this quiz so you can share it with the other members of your cohort.

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