Create your own enchanted fairy garden

Image: My Cotton Creations

There isn’t a kid on earth who doesn’t love getting swept up in the world of magic. Invite the fairies into your garden with this easy DIY project (great for grandparents!) and nurture a love of the outdoors in the process.

Image: Tiffy Quake
Image: Tiffy Quake

What you’ll need:

  • Pot or planter – decide on your location and then figure out how big or small you’d like your fairy garden to be
  • Soil
  • Centrepiece – this will be the main focal point of your project. Hit the shops and find some enchanted accessories such as a fairy house, bunting, seats, tiny toadstools, glitter and some fairy or elf figurines. Let their imaginations run wild! A good tip is to look for doll’s house accessories.
  • Plants or flowers – keep it simple, as you want the fairies to be the focus. Daisies, petunias and ground cover such as cuphea hyssopifolia. Don’t forget the moss!
  • Decorations – collect some interesting rocks, pebbles, shells, pine cones or driftwood
  • Planting tools – trowel, watering can, gloves etc.
Image: Finlee and Me
Image: Finlee and Me

Start creating!

  • Sit down and get your kids to draw a “plan” of how they’d like the fairy garden to look. This can easily become a project in itself!
  • Fill your pot or planter with potting mix and soil
  • Add your flowers or plants – make sure to leave enough room for your accessories and decorations
  • Place your decorations in the pot, and fill any gaps in the soil with coloured pebbles or other collected objects
  • Place your fairies into their new home!
  • Sprinkle the entire garden with magical fairy dust (ie. glitter) to welcome the fairies to their new home
Image: Echoes of Laughter
Image: Echoes of Laughter
Image: 1001 Blocks
Image: 1001 Blocks

Feature image: My Cotton Creations