Wackadoo and a-woof! Stuck On You launches Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ products!

A picture of the Bluey and Hey Duggee Characters

Everyone’s favourite blue heeler and the members of The Squirrel Club are coming to a huge range of Stuck On You products!

If you have young kids, then there is quite literally no way you haven’t heard of Bluey and Hey Duggee. In fact, there is little chance you haven’t heard of them even if you don’t have kids!

For the 0.01% of people who don’t know, these are two of the coolest shows going around for kids (and plenty of adults) of all ages. And if you didn’t know, you’re going to want to!

Bluey focuses on the titular character and her family—sister Bingo, father Bandit and mother Chilli—along with a great cast of supporting characters.

Hey Duggee is about Duggee the Dog, who runs The Squirrel Club, a place where all the other characters go to earn badges and have fun.

Stuck On You

Now, perhaps you haven’t heard of Stuck On You. This may be your first look at our products. Well, first of all, we’d like to welcome you. Second of all, have we got some cool stuff to show off!

We make personalised products and lots of them. There are labels you can stick on just about anything, through to lunchboxes, drink bottles and bags.

We love personalisation, because not only does it mean your kids can have super-cool products unique to them (and even cooler and ‘superer’ with Bluey and Hey Duggee), but it’s such a simple and fantastic way to be sustainable.

Kids suddenly and magically start to look after their belongings. With items less likely to go missing, it’s fewer things you have to constantly replace over and over again. Plus, think of all the excess packaging it eliminates! Our Bento Lunchbox alone can save up to 30 kg of unnecessary waste per schoolchild per year!

2020 has also taught us that the world has a different context now. Personalisation makes everything safer for children as they venture out into the reality of daycare, kinder and school. They know which items are theirs and that keeps everyone safe from any cross-contamination. You really can’t go wrong with Stuck On You personalisation!


Stuck On You Labels are perfect for personalising all your stuff, from containers and bottles through to clothes and shoes.

Stick-On Labels are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer—while Iron-On Labels are safe for the washing machine and dryer. This makes them all ideal for whatever blue heelers and Squirrel Club members can throw at them!

Labels are available now! Check out the Bluey range here and the Hey Duggee range here!

A picture of the Bluey and Hey Duggee Labels
The Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ range of Stuck On You Labels will be available from 23 June 2020.

Food Jars and Drink Bottles

With a 350 ml capacity, safe double-walled body with carry handle, and food-grade stainless steel that is dishwasher-safe, the Stuck On You Food Jar is great for keeping lots of food just the right temperature—whether it’s hot or cold! It’s perfect for baby food and ideal for school, road trips or other outings with older children.

Couple it with a Stuck On You Drink Bottle featuring a 500 ml capacity and easy-to-use pop-up lid and you’ve got the perfect personalised mealtime for all blue heelers and Squirrel Club members.

A picture of the BBC characters Food Jars and Drink Bottles
The Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ range of Stuck On You Food Jars and Drink Bottles will be available in July 2020.

Bento Boxes and Cooler Bags

The Stuck On You Bento Box is perfect for mealtime on the go. It has multiple compartments, an airtight silicone seal and sturdy clips for the absolute best portable mealtime solution you’ll find—and it’s even cuter with a blue heeler or Squirrel Club member adorning it.

Bentos are available in a Large version with six compartments and an optional sandwich tray. There’s also a Mini version with four compartments. They easily separate into the three components for simple and safe cleaning on the top rack of the dishwasher. Bentos also fit perfectly into the equivalent Stuck On You Cooler Bag for great temperature control.

The Bento will quite simply revolutionise the way you do mealtime for your child. It will make it simpler, healthier and better for the environment. Don’t believe us? Check out this article on the history of our Bento, as well as the expert opinion of one of our biggest four-year-old fans!

A picture of the BBC characters Bentos and Cooler Bags
The Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ range of Stuck On You Bento Boxes and Cooler Bags will be available in July 2020.

Backpacks, Bags and Bag Tags

Stuck On You Bags are designed to withstand the rigours of the day. With padded shoulder straps, they’re comfortable for lots of differently sized blue heelers and Squirrel Club members!

They’re also water-resistant and come equipped with hanging hooks and chunky zippers that are easy to use for small fingers (and paws)!

A picture of the BBC characters Bag Range
The Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ range of Stuck On You Backpacks, Bags and Bag Tags will be available in July 2020.

The Stuck On You Bluey™ and Hey Duggee™ Labels are available for purchase now! You can also register to be the first to know release dates for the rest of the range.

Plus, keep an eye on our Facebook page—and get pre-launch inspiration for these products from the School Lunchbox Dad!